Birthday Party


Place designed so that the little ones in the house and some not so little ones, 3-12 years old, can celebrate their birthday with their friends.
Birthday Parties are special days for our children and that is why we will make them feel like the true protagonists of their day.
It is a Party where the children will enjoy a lot of games, both free and guided, and activities, crafts, theme parties... and a tasty birthday snack where they can choose between sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs,... In addition, There will be worms, crackers,…, juices, soft drinks,… and for dessert a chocolate egg with a candle so that it blows out as if it were a cake. We take into account allergies and intolerances, adapting these snacks to your needs.
All activities are controlled and energized by education and leisure professionals who ensure that the Birthday Party goes perfectly and we always adapt the games and activities to the group, taking into account the ages of the children and the number. of children that make up that group.
Parents will be able to enjoy the Party a few days later by downloading photos of the party from our website, which they will be able to access through a code. To do this they will have to sign an image authorization that we will provide them in advance.
And if you fancy something special, don't hesitate to propose it to us and if we can, we will do it.

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