School canteen

Pick-up service at the Miguel Delibes School, to bring the children closer to our facilities and offer them a homemade and healthy meal that we prepare daily in our Center.

Our dining room treats the individual needs of each child, taking into account their different allergies, intolerances,... The diet will be adapted to their needs.

We intend to promote the development of hygiene and good eating habits.

Social skills will also be favored, since in addition to eating, they will spend time with their classmates and with others from other classes and courses outside the classroom, in a more relaxed and pleasant environment. You will be able to eat with new friends and establish new relationships or strengthen ties with those you already know. It is a space to share moments with others.

There will be moments of play and doing schoolwork.

There is also the possibility of bringing them closer to extracurricular activities at 4:00 p.m.

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